Of Fear and Faith, Smooth Grooves Duets Book Playlist

Of Fear and Faith is the first book in my Death and Destiny paranormal romance trilogy. Dr. Sanura Williams and Special Agent Assefa Berber are the heroine and hero of the three-part story. They are, without a doubt, my Power Couple. As such, I wrote my novel from a dual point of view—giving internal and external voice to the two main characters.

I don’t know about you, but I love dual point of view in a romance novel. I want to get into the head and heart of, not only the heroine but the hero as well. I enjoy balance in a story’s narration, the hero’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions no more important than the heroine’s and vice versa. Dual points of view in a romance novel adds an emotional depth and character understanding that isn’t as easily achieved with a single point of view. And, come on, there’s something undeniably sexy about reading a love scene from the man’s point of view, especially when he’s describing what the female is doing to him and how it makes him feel. There’s a sensual equality in such narrations that I find enjoyable to read and to write.

I’ve created a special music playlist for Of Fear and Faith. It’s special because it includes great musical duets of love, sex, and passion—dual points of view at its musical finest. So if Sanura coos to Assefa,

Hey baby how you doing tonight

I wanna let you know

I wanna tell you just how I feel

I wanna love you baby

And it’s going so right

I wanna burn a candle

Turn the darkness to the light


do you not want to know what’s inside Assefa’a heart? Do you not want to know what’s on his mind? Well, I know I do.

Hi baby, won’t you tell me the truth

You wanna be the one

You can’t stay away

Oh, hey darling

Don’t make no excuse

We can chase this on

And burn the hole inside you.

Sanura and Assefa’s duets are magical, mystical, and oh so passionately rhythmic, prophetic, and fearfully powerful. Awaken your senses and embrace the pleasure of paranormal romance—the beginning of Assefa and Sanura’s love story.


I wrote this as a guest post for Fang-tastic Books blog.