Of Deception and Divinity Black Paranormal Romance Witch and Shapeshifter by ND Jones
  • Publication Date: October 12, 2017
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Series: Death and Destiny, Book 3
  • Cover Design: Atlantis  Book Design
  • ISBN: 0-9975293-8-5
  • ASIN: B074D59NQ2

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The arrival of a new enemy. The start of a greater battle. A destiny to be defended. 

A mighty war, waged every 500 years, has returned to the realm of mortals. And with it, the Day of Serpents arrives to wreak havoc upon the world.

Assefa and Sanura struggle to complete their mate bond, as they also continue their fight in this preternatural war of fire versus water. Unseen enemies, surprise magic attacks, and betrayal lurk at every turn for the couple, and revelations about their powers and past come to light.

As Assefa and Sanura fight to seal their bond and love, destiny and divinity may have already sealed their fate.



He hugged his witch, loving the unabashed way she’d greeted him and the feel of her warm, curvy body against his. “Missed me?”

“You know I did.”

The kisses began at his ear, soft, little nibbles to his lobe, then his cheek and jaw, traveling down to his neck and the high collar of his gray dress shirt. Circling back up, Sanura continued, finding the left side of Assefa’s face and gifting it with the same sweet attention as the right. By the time she reached his mouth, his hands had dropped to her hips. His breath was hot, heart thudded, and lips parted for her sublime tongue.

Sanura kissed him with the same enthusiasm as her welcome back hug. Hands moved to her bottom and pulled her into him. For the first time since meeting Sanura, Assefa was grateful the woman didn’t wear one of her dresses, showing off, to exquisite effect, her long sexy legs. If she had, if he’d been able to feel the silky-softness of her legs rubbing against his as they kissed, his greedy hands would’ve relished taking full advantage, exploring terrain they knew so well.

By slow, regretful degrees, Assefa pulled out of the kiss, remembering they’d shared their first in this very spot about four months ago. Their eyes met, and Assefa knew Sanura recalled the same memory.

Her hands came to his cheeks, cupping his face, voice tender and sincere when she spoke. “Back then, you were so much of what I wanted and everything I was afraid to have.”

Assefa knew she spoke the truth. Still, they shared only a partial mate bond. Her fire spirit had claimed his Mngwa as mate, but Sanura hadn’t yet accepted his binding bite.

Her heartfelt grin had Assefa smiling in return, unwilling to ruin the moment and Sanura’s confession with his foreboding thoughts.

They’d made it through the summer without any more deaths linked to them, Mami Wara, the water witch of legend, or the prophecy. But Assefa didn’t trust the silence. Too many had died because of the water goddess’ machinations. For Assefa, it wasn’t a matter of if something would happen but when. The Day of Serpents would come.

“We’ll be ready. And we’ll fight. Together.”

Yes, Sanura was made for him. She knew Assefa in a way unexplainable by science and the laws of nature.

She was right. They would fight, not because they had no choice but because their protective nature would allow for nothing less. Yet Sanura was also wrong. They were not ready. And he feared, no matter what they did or how well they planned, when the lull finally gave way to terror and war, it would take more than togetherness to save the world and themselves.