Guided Self-Care Journals

With the help of social media and the Black Lives Matter Movement, the global community is more aware and less tolerant of racism, particularly police violence against people of color. But police shootings of Black people still occur, as do everyday microaggressions, which means Black men and women, like others, must find healthy and effective means of coping. Building their resilience through self-care is one method of addressing this need.

"If you're looking to enhance your understanding of self-care practices, to identify your personal goals with clarity, to strengthen your understanding of your personal values and living in alignment with them, to connect deeper with yourself and reflect on crucial aspects of your identity, I encourage you to consider N.D.'s guided journals. Alongside thoughtful and intentional prompts, you will find powerful imagery, quotes, poetry, and personal essays sprinkled throughout these journals - all of which help connect you to others' life stories as you continue to embrace and cultivate your own. These guided journals are an invaluable resource for Black men and women on their journeys towards deeper self-exploration and self-love."

Kristen Suleman, M.Ed., LPC, CCTS Owner and Therapist at The Therapy Space