Take a deep stress-relieving dive into The Beauty of Black Mermaids Coloring Book.

Explore the ocean depths of the Enchanted Kingdom of Reef, where mermen race hippocampi and mermaids commune with water dragons. Enjoy a leisurely swim with graceful marine turtles after visiting Queen Seirus's majestic palace. When the sun's rays stream through the crystalline ocean, you will discover soft clam beds perfect for napping and treasure coves ideal for reading.

So, relax and enjoy 17 detailed underwater scenes of merfolk and 8 nautical-themed frames with inspirational quotes. These beautiful Black mermaids and mermen don't follow the tide. Instead, they define themselves, swimming against the stream and creating waves. Reef is their kingdom, but the world is their oyster.

Dive in.

Stress-relief fun awaits.

The Beauty of Black Mermaids Coloring Book

  • Publication Date: April 22, 2022
  • Genre: Fantasy Coloring Book
  • Series: Fantasy in Black
  • ISBN: 978-1735299891

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The Beauty of Black Mermaids Coloring by ND Jones Black Self Care