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For generations the worlds of man and dragon have lived peacefully side-by-side. Harmonious and yet wholly separate, there is much unknown between them--but that is all about to change. For love knows neither color nor creed, and where there is passion, heat, and desire, it will spark.

So begins the story of Kya, the Bloodstone Dragon, and Armstrong Knight, the unwitting victims of love's impervious pull. For when a dragon-shifter walks amongst the humans, the wheels of fate begin to turn and what was once separate worlds collide in the throes of young love. Their bonds will be tested by fate and the greedy, cruel hearts of wicked men. When their very lives, and the secret they share, are threatened, Kya and Armstrong must defy the odds and do what they can to protect the human and dragon worlds. In the chaos, a love story unfolds between two unlikely heroes and the lengths we all go to for the ones we love.


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N.D. Jones’s tale of love, angels, pain and punishment is so well crafted that one forgets this is fiction as these amazing characters come to life before your very eyes. Although short on words, Ms. Jones has packed her tale with the deep passion of youthful love, horrific loss and an angel who cannot let go of his hatred to rise to a place where he will find eternal peace. Well-paced, highly emotionally charged with explicit passion and fierce determination in a world that seems to stand against what they feel. N.D. Jones has done a remarkable job and I look forward to more great reads from her magical pen.

Goodreads Review, Dianne of Tome Tender Book Blog

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