Black Authors Matter: A Poem

In realms of dreams where stories weave,
Black fantasy blooms, hearts conceive.
Authors whisper tales untold,
In words of magic, rich and bold.

Through pages inked with cosmic hues,
Worlds unfold, inviting views.
Minds afire with creative spark,
In every tale, leave an indelible mark.

Matter do these dreams of night,
In realms fantastical, take their flight.
Authors, sorcerers of the pen,
Crafting tales from deep within.

A symphony of voices rise,
In hues of ebony, they disguise.
Majestic realms and dragons soar,
With melanin-rich tales to explore.

The ink on pages, a canvas vast,
A testament that we hold fast.
To dreams of magic, truth, and lore,
In every line, a vibrant core.

Celebrate the scribes who dream,
In the fantasy, where shadows gleam.
For in their words, a power grand,
A legacy in every grain of sand.

So let the pages turn and flow,
In realms where dreams and stories grow.
Black fantasy, a universe to shatter,
Proclaiming loud, Black Authors Matter!"


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