African American Second Chance Romance by ND Jones

The Gift of Second Chances

  • Publication Date: February 14, 2019
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Series: The Styles of Love
  • ISBN: 978-1-7325567-6-8
  • ASIN: B07HLHN9H8

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Whatever awaits beyond "I do" is up to us...

Facing the choppy waters of marriage, infidelity, and the vows that bind us, a sea of choices stretches out before a couple on the brink. For Dr. Angela Styles-Franklin and her husband Sean, the past twenty years comes to a head when the truth about a brief affair threatens to dismantle their family. Angie must face the rough road before her. In these trying times, the rosy haze of memories past and the history of their relationship flashes before them and forces both Sean and Angie to come to terms with the longevity of marriage and what a life-lived together truly means. In the process, faith, trust, forgiveness and the power of family weave together a tapestry of trial and patience that engulfs their road to reconciliation. Is love enough to hold together the fabric of a family and a second chance at forever?





“Who are all the texts from?”

Sean’s head snapped up. “I didn’t hear you come back.”

“Obviously.” She threw him one of the bottles of water but didn’t move to join him in their bedroom. “So, who are they from?”

Sean had good reflexes. He’d caught the bottle with the hand not holding his phone. The feat was impressive considering the small force she’d used to lob the bottle at his head.

“Darryl. I gave him the Cavanaugh racial profiling case and he had a few questions he needed me to answer.”

Darryl O’Neal was one of three lawyers at Franklin & Associates. He was the first attorney her husband hired, a fifty-year-old Georgian native who ate too much peace cobbler and all but bathed in cologne. She liked Darryl, the man was compassionate and open-minded, and his Atlanta-Buffalo accent a cute mix of southern and midwestern urban.

For as long as she’d known him, she didn’t recall Darryl ever blowing up Sean’s phone the way he’d done today.  Sean handled a fair share of racial profiling civil lawsuits. So, it was possible, even likely, all the texts were from Darryl.

“Why didn’t he call? It would’ve been quicker, if he needed the information right away.”

“He knows weekends are off limits. I know I can’t put every case on the backburner, during the weekends. As much as possible, though, that’s my goal. When I said I wanted us to spend more time together, I meant I had to adjust my work schedule, too. By the way, why are you standing all the way over there?”

She didn’t know. No, that wasn’t true. Angie needed to ask Sean a question, and the distance helped force the words out her mouth and into the marital air between them. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something.”