Of Beasts and Bonds, Fresh & Fruity Birthday Smoothie (Part 1)

In book two of my Death and Destiny paranormal romance trilogy, Of Beasts and Bonds, I wrote a scene between Sanura and Assefa. It’s Sanura’s twenty-ninth birthday, which, for the fire witch of legend prophecy, is the day everyone thinks she’s supposed to ascend. The problem, with many ancient prophecies, is that no one really knows what it all means. This is the case with Sanura. There’s also a lot going on in her relationship with Assefa surrounding their mate bond.  This point in the novel, I slow things down before kicking them into high gear after her birthday party. Assefa wants to give Sanura the perfect birthday party, and he goes all out. Assefa reveals a more a relaxed and romantic side of him in this chapter, which I loved writing. Thus, as part of Sanura’s birthday breakfast, Assefa fixes her a strawberry smoothie, which bring us to the title of this blog post.


Heads up, this post is part one of two. I’ll give you a little taste of Sanura’s breakfast today and continue with the final part of the Fresh and Fruity Birthday Smoothie.




Sanura finished the casserole while Assefa watched on. A self-satisfied smile on his face. Once done, Assefa exchanged the plate and fork for a strawberry smoothie.

“Milk, strawberries, and strawberry jam. Here, drink it with a straw.”

Assefa slid a red-and-white striped straw into the glass.

She tasted the smoothie. Thick, chilled, and absolutely yummy.

“I know you love mangos, so I’ll make the smoothie with that fruit the next time. Speaking of fruit.” Assefa rose and went to the countertop. He found a bowl of fresh fruit and returned to the floor, sitting in front of her while Sanura drank her smoothie.

In his hand, Assefa held a swirl square white fruit bowl. “This is warm citrus fruit with brown sugar.”

She examined the contents of the bowl. “Red grapefruit slices, pineapple chunks, and slices of orange?”

“Yes. It’s not as warm as it should be, but I think it’ll be fine. Would you like to try?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

An anxious smile was her answer. Dipping a spoon into the visually pleasing, red-and-orange fruit salad, Assefa scooped up a spoonful and fed the fruit to Sanura.

Then it was she who smiled. “I’ve never had warm fruit salad, and you put more in here than brown sugar.”


“Trying to get me drunk, Mr. Berber?”

“If you get drunk from two tablespoons of rum, we’re both in big trouble because I intend to serve more than that at tonight’s dinner.”



If it were your birthday and that special someone cooked for you, what fresh and fruity drink would you like to be served?


Smoothies are great meal replacements, especially if you don't have time or the energy to make yourself breakfast before darting off for work in the morning. Unlike my husband, who makes his own smoothies with an overpriced blender, in my opinion, I purchase my smoothies and take one with me to work. That's the easy and lazy way to do it and not at all what the video below is about. People who take such things seriously, like my husband, will buy a high-quality blender, which makes sense.

These are two of my "go to" drinks. I'm not claiming they are the healthiest of smoothies, but they taste great.