Of Beasts and Bonds, Fresh & Fruity Birthday Smoothie (Part 2)

"This book had everything I like in a romance. There was a tall, dark, and handsome hero in Agent Assefa Berber and a beautiful, strong heroine in Dr. Sanura Williams. There were also plenty of unexpected complications that rendered their love story unfulfilled despite their hot, passionate encounters. Then, throw in the paranormal aspect, plus envy, chaos, and murder and I was in heaven."


This Goodreads review sums up so much of what I want a reader of Of Beasts and Bonds to feel after reading the middle book of the trilogy. The second book has much of what I hope readers loved about book one, Of Fear and Faith. This book, however, has a little less mystery but more passion, romance, gods, and shifters. Book two is definitely Assefa’s arc. The reader gets to know the man and his Mngwa on a deeper level, as well as his friends and fears. Assefa is a complex man, which Sanura appreciates and loves. He shows her his soft, sexy, and romantic side.


As promised from Fresh & Fruity Birthday Smoothie (Part 1), I have more of Sanura’s birthday breakfast fun, care of Special Agent Assefa Berber.




He fed her more of the fruit salad.

“So tell me about tonight.”

“Nice try, but no.”

“A hint. Just a small one.”

“I don’t think so.”

Sanura skewered Assefa with a mock look of fire witch ire.

He kissed her forehead then filled her mouth with a spoonful of warm fruit.

Fine, she got it, no hints.

“Are you planning on eating any of this excellent food you prepared, or just feed and watch me eat?”

“Believe me, Sanura, I intend on having my fill.”

Oh, but she did like the sensual way Assefa said that.

After another ten minutes, Sanura had cleaned the fruit bowl and drank most of her smoothie. She knew Assefa had more items on the countertop, some of which still needed to be cooked. But she didn’t think she could eat another bite.

“I’m stuffed.” Sanura patted her stomach, deliciously sated. “Gods, Assefa, I haven’t indulged like that in a long time. During the school year, I normally skip breakfast. And the times I do manage something, it’s nothing more than a breakfast bar or trail mix and juice or water.”

“Not a good way to begin your day. How in the world do you maintain that luscious figure of yours eating dried fruits and nuts for breakfast?” Assefa lowered Sanura to the kitchen floor until she was prone and staring up at him. “It’s a good thing you moved in here.”

“So you and Omar can fatten me up?”

A large, possessive hand slid over a hip and down her thigh. “It’s nothing wrong with a woman having a little something extra a man can hold onto when their making love. But you’re rounded in all the right places.” Up her hip and across her belly. “And fit and toned in all the right areas.”

“Is that so?” she asked, paying more attention to the hand traversing her body with languid satisfaction than the words coming from Assefa.

“Most definitely.” Assefa leaned down to Sanura and whispered in her ear. “I’m a little hungry now, do you mind if I have my breakfast?”

Said the spider to the fly.



What's the most romantic birthday gift you've received or given?

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