Of Fear and Faith Playlist, Music for the Soulful Reader

Of Fear and Faith is the first book in my Death and Destiny paranormal romance trilogy. The novel introduces readers to Dr. Sanura Williams and Special Agent Assefa Berber, who are, upon first sight, drawn to each other physically and magically. Yet Sanura, once hurt by love, is afraid to give love another try despite the undeniable attraction she feels when around Assefa and the emotions the man stirs in her.

I'm hiding deep in my shadow
Hoping that love won't look for me here
I know I have to keep moving
Or I could be found by the scent of my fears
Because love and I
We broke up one night
And the sad thing is it was my fault, my call
I cry late at night
Though these tears in my eyes
I know myself, I'm ready to try again

Assefa, a were-cat of immense power and blessed by the gods, knows he was made to love Sanura.

I was made to love ya
My hands to touch ya, my arms to hold ya
My legs to stand, my time to spend
With you forever, I was made, made to love ya

With a serial killer hunting its next prey and Sanura frightened of another broken heart, Assefa wants to know if Sanura can stand the rain.

On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you
When that's not possible
Tell me, can you weather a storm?

'Cause I need somebody who will stand by me
Through the good times and bad times
She will always, always be right there
Being the sexy, suave special agent that he is, Assefa puts a move on Sanura’ heart she cannot deny.

Baby I know
I got a real thing here by my side
Someone who needs me, holding me tight
And these special feelings, won't ever fade
'Cause I knew, I knew from the start
You put a move on my heart

What about the rest of the story? What happens between Sanura and Assefa?

Sexy. Hot. Memorable. Music is like that, capturing our deepest emotions and replaying them back to us in high definition. Cue mood setting music, an Of Fear and Faith playlist of love, romance, and, oh yes, that first kiss and love scene. Sanura couldn’t get enough. Most heroines wouldn’t, not with a suave badass hero like Assefa.

But who’s your special someone? You know, the lady or guy who makes your palms sweat, pulse race, and knees weak? Well, grab your heart-song, snuggle up, and relax with the soulful tunes of the “Of Fear and Faith” music playlist.

Lights off.

Music down low.

Naked bodies close.

Yeah, that’s it. Just like that.

Get swept away.

Don’t fear the passion. Embrace your lover’s faith.

In you.

In the music.

In your happily-ever-after.

This post was originally a guest blog written for The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom.

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