Readers' Group Only Excerpt

A SEXY Interlude Between Sanura and Assefa from Of Deception and Divinity.


“Ah, sweetheart, what are you doing?”

“I think that’s pretty obvious. I’m witch-handling your orgasm-giver.”

He couldn’t help himself, Assefa burst into laughter. “My what? Have you been talking to Zareb because that sounds like something he would say about his penis?”

“Of course not.” Her sure, warm hand stroked him and Assefa closed his eyes. “But it is, which makes me one lucky fire witch.”

With Sanura’s hand down his boxers, sure fingers around his “orgasm giver,” Assefa felt like the lucky one.

“We shouldn’t be doing this outside.”

“Why not? The property is protected by a four-element ward, and everyone is away from the mansion except Omar, who’s probably holed up in his room reading a book no one other than him and the author has heard of.”

“True but—”

Her left hand skated up his chest, popping buttons as she went. Her right hand was still doing amazing things to his throbbing penis, which was beginning to weep thankful tears from her balls-tightening up and down motion.

“Sex outside is on your list.”

Assefa’s eyes flew open. “What list?”

Pushing the fabric of his shirt out of her way, Sanura bent and claimed a nipple, biting and sucking and making all kinds of nasty, delicious sounds against his chest.

“The list you have in your head.” A soft squeeze to his penis, her finger gliding over the wide tip. “Not this head, but the other one. The one that’s trying to figure out how I know about your list.”

He did want to know because, damn her, he had one and it sure as hell wasn’t written down.

“All men have a list of places they want to have sex with their girlfriend or wife.” She flicked her tongue over his collarbone, faux-brown eyes lifting and watching him watch her enjoy his taste on her tongue. “And you, Special Agent Berber, are no exception.”

There was something both arousing and humbling about how well his witch knew him. Without a doubt, he’d fantasized about making love to Sanura outside. A short skirt or dress normally factored into his daydream, not the sexy, tight, but long white jeans she wore today.

In his dreams, she was on all fours, dressed rucked up to her waist and Assefa—

To her knees Sanura went. Her eyes lifted to his, fingers gripped, and she kissed the tip.

Okay, Assefa was a flexible man. Let it not be said that a Berber was incapable of making on the spot adjustments to a plan.

Sanura kissed him again, lingering then opening her mouth and sucking on the head. Damn, just the aching head. Those amazing eyes of hers, her natural green hidden behind the magic of her moonstone, still gazed up at him.

Their eyes locked. Assefa was incapable of looking away from the love he saw with each inch of him she swallowed. When he was in her mouth as deep as she could take him, Sanura closed her eyes. His head tipped back against the tree as Sanura pleasured him, fulfilling an unspoken fantasy.

She devoured him, taking him deep and then pulling all the way back, tongue rimming the bulbous head before gliding back down his shaft again.

Yes, just like that. Keep going. Keep. Going.

One hand settled on her shoulder while the other in her hair, ruining the asymmetrical curly updo she’d likely spent a fair amount of time to get just right. Gods, he was close.

Sanura drew away and Assefa wanted to whimper.

Standing, Sanura tugged down her blush off the shoulder top. She twisted him so he was behind her and she was facing the tree. Lifting one of his hands to the button of her jeans, she encouraged him to pull down her pants.

He did, with Mngwa speed and hunger.

Sanura dropped to her hands and knees, ass bare and inviting. She glanced over her shoulder, eyes sultry with lust and challenge. “Claim your witch. Go big or go home.”

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