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Bound Souls by ND Jones

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Bound Souls, the first book in my Forever Yours science fiction romance series, is available for pre-order at Amazon. This novel is a bit of a departure from my paranormal romance novels. You meet Lela and Zion at the end of their journey, but it is also a beginning to an unexpected supernatural ride. Read to find out exactly what I mean.

The Forever Yours Series is also different in that, once it is completed, readers will be able to read Bound Souls as either the first or last book in the series. How will that work? Well, Bound Souls begins with Lela and Zion at the end of their thirty-year marriage. But how did they achieve their happily-ever-after? What was life like for them before there was a Lela and Zion? Who did they love and cherish before they found their forever kind of love with each other? The remaining books in the series will answer all those questions and more.

So, I invite you to get to know the timeless love story that is Lela and Zion. They are bound souls, destined to steal your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

The novel includes a bonus short story: The Garden.

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