The Imaginarium Book Festival 2022 (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Paranormal Books)

I am honored to have joined a group of authors at The Imaginarium Book Festival held on Saturday, May 21, at the National Press Club Building in Washington, DC. Hosted by authors and founders Diantha Jones and Nadege Richards, The Imaginarium Book Festival, founded in 2018, “seek to spotlight books and writers in the SFF, speculative fiction, and paranormal genres—realms of escapism.”

I was joined by more than a dozen exhibitors, including Award-winning authors L. Penelope and Rysa Walker, international bestselling authors Scarlett St. Clair and Kat Cho, and a host of other wonderfully talented authors, such as A. J. Vrana, J. M. Butler, Mirana Honfleur, Nicole Glover, and T. L. Price.

What I most loved about this event was the opportunity to meet lovers of fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal books. They adore myths, magic, and monsters. And we authors of these genres love them in return.
Kudos to Diantha and Nadege. They worked hard to deliver an excellent event for authors and attendees. They succeeded 100%.

So, if you missed this year’s festival, stay tuned for details about next year’s event.