N.D. Jones: A Reflection of Self


Death and Destiny, a paranormal romance trilogy with witches and shapeshifters, is my first full-length series. Of Fear and Faith, the first book in the series, was published in 2014. Sanura Williams, a fire witch, and Assefa Berber, a were-cat shapeshifter, are my heroine and hero of the series. From my early beginnings with the trilogy, I’ve grown along with my characters. And now that I’ve finished the series, Of Deception and Divinity being the last book in the series, I can reflect back on my journey as a writer, as well as the winding turns my characters have taken under my thoughtful imaginings.

Isn’t that what life is about? Learning. Growing. Improving. What in your life have you accomplished that makes you proud or happy? What goals have you yet to achieve? What steps will you take to reach your goal(s)? What resources exist that will help you improve and move forward? Are you the reflection of yourself you want to see in the mirror?

As an author, mother and wife, I have to ask myself those questions, and much more. The answers are my driving force, especially the ones that are hardest to hear and to accept. Truth of self can be found among those you most trust. But also from individuals you don’t know well, or may not even like. All opinions not equally valuable, all compliments are not useful, and all criticisms should not be discarded.

An author receives all three from friends, family, colleagues, and readers the world over. Hard truths, they can often be. But how an author chooses to reflect upon and use them is the difference between standing still and moving forward

I decided to share the video below, an acceptance speech given by Denzel Washington. When I first saw the video, his words resonated with me as an author who works hard to hone the craft of writing engaging novels. For me, inspiration comes in many forms, and hardly at all when I expect. But often, when it is most needed.




What/Who inspires?


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