The following benefits are available to all Readers's Group members:

FREE Stuff!

  • New Short Stories – Paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction short stories and flash fiction featuring new characters
  • Graphics – wallpapers for your computer and Android phone with favorite quotes and characters from N.D.'s books
  • Extras and “behind the scene” research
  • Playlists - music playlists for N.D.'s books
  • And more goodies I haven’t yet created!

I'm always working to provide more features and benefits, so it only gets better from here. And I'm always open to suggestions.

E-mail Schedule

  • Weekly e-mails with freebies & teasers
  • New Release announcements for all my novels
  • Announcements for periodic events as necessary (e.g., Facebook parties, Twitter parties, promotional sales, group updates, convention appearances etc.)
  • Exclusive drawings for Members only