February Deals and Book Cover Reveals

Happy February and Black (African American) History Month

I'm not a fan of cold weather. In fact, I dislike winter, although I love living in a state with four distinct seasons. February is also my birth month, which doesn't endear me to the cold season. So, I'll turn a year older on the eleventh. Any other February babies out there? If so, let me know. I want to see your birthday cakes and cards. I'll post in my next Feb. newsletter. You can email me here.

In the last newsletter, I shared that I had started writing Fated Path again. Well, I sat down last Sunday morning to write an additional section to chapter eighteen. Halfway through the section, the most amazing thing happened. I realized I had been building to the conclusion all along. I'm never surprised when I reach the last chapter in a book. This time, however, I was shocked. It was one of those moments in which I knew it was the right time to end the story, despite having not planned the ending beforehand. Concluding the book where I did simply felt right.  So, yeah. Fated Path is "done."

There's still more left in the Forever Yours series, but book two is complete.  As with the first book, Bound Souls, I hired an artist to create an original design of my heroine--Lela of the House of Asheema. You guys are the first to see my spankin' new cover. I mean, my cover designer sent me the final draft last night. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Fated Path Afrofuturistic Fantasy Romance by ND Jones


A Woman’s Fantastical Discovery of Self

Chief Magistrate Lela of the House of Asheema is truth and wisdom incarnate or so she proclaims the day she is inducted into the Council of Magistrates, the ruling government of her homeworld. Charged with assisting the regent negotiate a peace treaty between warring planets, Lela is determined to prove she is worthy of ruling alongside chief magistrates thirty years her senior. But when the peace talks turn deadly, Lela’s mission shifts from negotiating reconciliation to capturing dangerous mercenaries.

Lela must uncover the truth in a miasma of lies. Who hired the mercenaries to assassinate the peace delegates and why? Who else is in danger?

Can Lela and her security team stop the culprits before more lives are lost?

The path laid out for Lela is one she is not yet prepared to walk. But leaders are rarely born or the circumstances of their ascension ideal.


Since I do not remember if I shared the cover for A Queen's Pride, I'm calling this a cover reveal, too. Smh. This novel is the first book in my Feline Nation duology. It's a paranormal shifter book. That's not new for me. What is new is that the heroine is what is popularly referred to as a "new adult." While the heroine begins the book at eighteen, the themes in the novel are very much adult. It is a very adult coming of age story I hope you all will like.

African American Shapeshifter Novel by ND Jones author

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