Conquer Cabin Fever with Spring Reads

Conquer Cabin Fever

What are you doing to conquer cabin fever? Being an author has proven a great solace since the stay-at-home policy went into effect. Netflix, Internet, and my laptop have become my best friends. Shh, don't tell the hubby. 🙂 I hope you all have found ways to stay healthy and happy. I'm working hard to finish Lies, Lust, Love, the final installment in my Winged Warriors novella series.  For those of you who've been waiting, this is Nathaniel's story.

A big thank you to my Readers' Group. You are wonderful. I'm making little edits to Fire, Fury, Faith and Heat, Hunt, Hope as I write L3, making sure the three novellas blend perfectly.  L3 begins before F3 and ends after H3, which has made for interesting plotting of timelines.

The whole gang makes an appearance in L3, beginning with Zora. I'm building to the final fight scene. So, no matter your favorite series character or couple, they are all present and accounted for in L3. And, come on, I don't waste my characters, so the secondary characters are given important roles and cool scenes.

L3 drops August 29. But you'll receive exclusive content in these newsletters before the release date.

Until then, here is an exclusive excerpt from Fire, Fury, Faith.

Issa was slipping away from her, hoisted and handled like a wild animal, her father’s guards kicking and punching him, spitting words of fury and indignation. Their sanctuary found, invaded, sullied. Then her protector roared. The same terrifying rage that burst from him when he had gallantly placed himself between a giant forest hog and the daughter of his enemy.

With the speed of the beast he had wounded with only a spear and shield, Issa lunged. Righteous, naked body glistened with calm determination. Fists, elbows, and knees flew, landing with rough, accurate crunches, blood spilling, bones breaking.

Three more guards came into the clearing. Spears raised, ready to do their chieftain’s will. Undaunted by the odds, Issa glanced at Serwa, then at the pile of leaves where he’d stashed his own weapons. He could reach the daggers in seconds and kill her father’s men before they had a chance to drag her back home. But she knew what he was thinking. Issa needed to defend himself but had no desire to kill any more of her tribesmen…her family. His only desire now was for peace.

On April 24, the first book in the series, Fire, Fury, Faith, releases in eBook format. Meet Issa and Serwa--my first published paranormal romance couple.

Online Indie Book Festival

20 indie authors. Live Q&As. Bonus videos from authors talking about the things they do best. What else could you want from a book festival? What about being able to attend from the comfort of your couch whilst in your pajamas?



Join authors like me and international best-selling fantasy author Angela J. Ford at the first ever Virtual Indie Book Festival! 🎟 RSVP to snag access to live videos and exclusive content.

I'm participating in two live sessions during the festival.

  1. 1:30-2 pm (CST) Representation Matters: Sibylla NashN.D. Jones, and Stephanie BwaBwa talk about creating characters to fill a hole in fiction—they’re writing stories with characters of color. Join me on Zoom here.
  2. 4:00-4:30 pm (CST) Live Q&A: Nicole MacCarron and N.D. Jones both write paranormal stories with vivid characters. Learn more about their books and take the opportunity to ask them questions in this live Zoom session. Join me here.

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