Say Goodbye to a Typical Day at the Office

and get ready for a whole new kind of workplace hazard.

With a trove of sultry stories and tantalizing tales, this anthology is not safe for work--and that’s finally a good thing!

Whether it starts as a harmless flirtation or a lifelong love affair, these stories explore the complicated world of love and lust in the workplace. Find out what happens when people stop working for the weekend and turn their 9-to-5’s into a full-time liaison.

From flirty conference calls to sizzling office romances, the spectrum of playful professional fantasies is waiting to be enjoyed.

This scorching anthology of twenty-one contemporary romances from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors is perfect for adding a little cheek to your work week.

For this anthology, I went pure romance. No were-cats. No witches. No gods. No magic. Well, unless you count the magic of love and romance. There's both in my The Perks of Higher Ed.

Meet Sky Ellis and Malcolm Styles.

Those who teach never cease to learn and a lesson on love is on the syllabus for two educators who are due for a little romance.


When the air turns bitter cold and the leaves begin to change, the chilly campus of Eastern Bluebird College welcomes back students and faculty, old and new, to chilly Buffalo. Despite the dropping temperatures, things in the office of the Diversity Progress Committee are only starting to heat up. Upon her arrival to campus, Director Sky Ellis finds herself in a precarious situation. Having left her beloved hometown of Annapolis, Sky is suddenly thrust into an unwelcome situation, where a closely guarded introvert is suddenly in the position to accept new people into her life.

When met with Dr. Malcolm Styles’ warm charm and inviting sense of humor, Sky finds herself wanting things she never considered were missing from her life. While an office romance is dangerously out of her comfort zone, Malcolm challenges Sky in ways that shape her as not only an individual but an educator. However, with her past carried so closely behind her, Sky realizes that it will take a little more than a handsome face to free herself from its grasp. It is only when they decide to grow together that true change can take shape and encourage both Malcolm and Sky to accept love from the most unlikely of places.

This novella will be the first book in my The Styles of Love contemporary romance novella. The first two books will feature Sky and Malcolm. The last book, Angie and Sean, Malcolm's sister and brother-in-law. Stay tuned for more about the trilogy.





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