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A shape-shifting dragon must win over his reluctant mate and stop Jack the Ripper. A Fae trucker becomes allies with an MC member when trying to deliver magical motorcycles to the Fae Queen. A wolf shifter is held captive in a human research lab where he is tortured until he meets one sexy scientist. An angel risked it all to steal the elixir of life and save his mortal love’s life and over two millennia later must get her to remember she once loved an angel. These stories and many more are included in this steamy, hot collection.

This paranormal romance collection contains twenty full-length novels for the price of one. What an amazing deal for PNR and shifter lovers. Dragon Lore and Love: Isis and Osiris is my second dragon story. I love ancient African mythology and loved playing around with such wonderful Egyptian gods in Isis and Osiris. Want to know their story, dragon-style, then check out the novel, exclusive to 20 Shades of Shifters.


Life, death, and rebirth, Isis’s and Osiris’s future hinges on all three.

A century ago, the Dragon Kingdom of Nebty was lost to darkness. Invaded by demon hordes hellbent on stealing two powerful scepters, the Demon King claimed the preternatural realm as his own. To survive, the dragons fled their beloved home and sought refuge in the human realm.

Having lived most of their lives in human form, Queen Isis and Rock Dragon Osiris, mere children during the Great Exodus, find themselves clinging to their culture and the ties that bind what’s left of Dragonkind. Safe and assured that they are free from the threat of demons, their love flourishes. Yet, on one horrific night, their lives are shattered by tragedy and betrayal. They learn that no realm is beyond the brutal reach of the Demon King.

Scores must be settled.

Love must be remembered.

And a lost nation must be reclaimed.


"This was a fabulous read, although I did find the beginning a bit slow but it was just the build up to the characters and the story-line.

Once the story got going, what a read! This book has everything you could wish for in a fantasy story. Friendship, love, lust, loyalty, lies, betrayal and deep hurtful loss. There are demons, dragons with magical powers both good and bad. Once this story gets going you cant put it down.

I loved this story and would definitely recommend it." Sunshine, Amazon Review


This book absolutely drew me in. It started with all the characters named after gods and goddesses in Egyptian mythology. Then it was simply the amazing storyline. I loved how strong Isis was, even in the face of such horrible loss. She never wallowed in her sadness, and even if she started to, her mother and sister helped her through it. This was another thing that I enjoyed about this book, the strong family ties. Everyone was so happy to be around each other and just happy to be a family. Even when they had their differences, they were still able to look at the big picture and love each other.
This book was by no means short, which was nice considering that it was a part of a box set. Usually, I end up finding super short books in box sets. No, this one is a completely fleshed out story, and if I hadn't already, I would have bought the box set just to read another wonderful story by ND Jones. B. Jackson, Goodreads Review

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